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At Medical Mutts, we empower dog owners to become partners in their service dog's training journey through our online group classes. 🐾 Designed for conditions like diabetes, seizures, and psychiatric challenges, our positive reinforcement-based approach ensures a harmonious learning experience. Join our virtual community and discover the transformative power of training your own service dog, tailored to your specific needs. Cultivate a strong bond with your furry companion as you both embark on this meaningful journey. Explore the possibilities with our online group classes at Medical Mutts. 🌟 #ServiceDogTraining #OnlineDogTraining #ServiceDog #MedicalMutts #MentalHealth #PTSD #Autism #Anxiety #Depression #PsychiatricServiceDog #SeizureAlertDog #SeizureDog #DiabeticAlertDog #MedicalAlertDog #TrainYourOwnServiceDog

Virtual Service Dog Group Classes: Training Together from Anywhere

Get real training and real results with Medical Mutts! Once you're back home, we're here to help every step of the way. Our trainers are available for support whenever you need it, ensuring you and your dog work together smoothly.

Why Learn with Medical Mutts?

Our program takes about a year and covers different dog behaviors and training methods. We teach you to train your dog for about 30 commands, including 3 customized for your needs. By the end, your dog will be ready to assist you. After classes, you can take the Public Access Test (PAT) and Canine Good Citizen tests (CGC) at our Indianapolis facility to get certified.

  • Scent Detection Expertise:

We're known for our expertise in scent detection, especially for medical conditions like diabetes, seizures, and psychiatric disorders.

  • Positive Reinforcement-Based Training:

We use positive reinforcement methods only, avoiding harsh tools like choke chains, prong collars, or shock collars. Our focus is on building your dog's confidence and love for learning.

  • Module-Based Learning:

Our training is divided into three modules, each building on the last. Follow Modules 1 through 3 for a smooth learning journey. Even dogs with prior training start with our foundation class, unless they've worked with us privately before.

  • Exclusive Service Dog Training:

We specialize in training service dogs, setting us apart from trainers who mainly work with pets.

No Prior Training Needed: Your Complete Service Dog Training Solution

At Medical Mutts, we know not everyone has dog training experience, and that's okay. Starting fresh can actually be an advantage for service dog training. Unlike regular obedience classes, we focus solely on service dog training. Our experienced trainers will teach you everything you need to know. Service dog training requires specific skills that not all trainers have. Our trainers understand these complexities and ensure each lesson builds on the last one smoothly. Don't worry if you haven't trained a dog before. We'll support you every step of the way, ensuring you and your dog are ready for this important journey together.

At Medical Mutts, we empower dog owners through our comprehensive online group classes, teaching them to train their dogs as personalized service companions for conditions such as diabetes, seizures, and psychiatric challenges. 🐾 Our expert trainers guide participants nationwide through positive reinforcement-based methods, fostering a strong bond and increasing the confidence of both owner and dog. With support materials provided, these classes not only ensure effective learning but also create a lasting partnership. Join our positive reinforcement training approach and embark on the journey of a strengthened bond with your canine companion at Medical Mutts. 🌟 #ServiceDogTraining #OnlineDogTraining #ServiceDog #MedicalMutts #MentalHealth #PTSD #Autism #Anxiety #Depression #PsychiatricServiceDog #SeizureAlertDog #SeizureDog #DiabeticAlertDog #MedicalAlertDog #TrainYourOwnServiceDog

What's Included?

Exceptional Coaching and Support

Live Classes. You'll have direct access to our trainers and find support and community

Access to proprietary teaching material including training plans for each of the 30+ behaviors and tutorial videos

Accessible from anywhere you live. Classes are also recorded and can be watched again between sessions

Advanced and proven training methods. We have coached hundreds of dog owners and professionals dog trainers and continuously test our methods through science

Coaching on dog behavior. You'll learn how to better understand your dog and solve some of the common behavior problems

Certification at our facility upon completion

3 Training Modules

Foundation Class

In this important class, you'll start your service dog's training journey. From learning ADA laws to mastering basic training principles, this module sets the stage for success. You'll learn how to socialize your service dog, handle fear-related issues, keep a training log, and teach ten key behaviors that service dogs need.

You'll learn how to teach your dog to:

  • Pay attention in various settings

  • Settle on their bed

  • Sit

  • Lie down

  • Walk calmly on a leash

  • Heel into position

  • Recognize medical scents

  • Respond to recall commands ...and much more.

Join us for one weekly hour-long session over a duration of 10 weeks to kickstart your service dog's training journey.

Certification is provided after you complete the entire course and pass the Public Access Test.

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Specialized Class

In this last module, we tailor your dog's training to fit your unique requirements. Whether it's diabetes alert, seizure response, allergies, or other scent-related issues, this module covers it all. We also address conditions like autism, PTSD, anxieties, narcolepsy, mobility issues, and more.

You'll learn how to teach your dog to:

  1. Alert you to medical issues like a drop in blood glucose, a seizure, or a panic attack

  2. Press a button for assistance

  3. Fetch needed objects

  4. Turn lights on

  5. Apply deep pressure for comfort

  6. Assist with balance

  7. Prepare for the AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen Test and the Public Access Test ...and much more."

Embark on this 10-week journey to enhance your service dog's skills.

Certification is provided after you complete the course and pass the Public Access Test.

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Intermediate Class

In this module, we focus on advanced behaviors, getting your service dog ready for object retrieval and building on our foundational skills. We introduce ten new skills to broaden your service dog's abilities.

You'll learn how to teach your dog to:

  1. Maintain a stay with distractions and at a distance

  2. Lie under a table or your legs

  3. Pivot into position on your right side

  4. Perform scent discrimination

  5. Exhibit alerting behavior

  6. Leave objects when commanded

  7. Roll onto their side for care and grooming ...and more.

Join us for a 10-week journey to elevate your service dog's abilities.

Certification is provided after you complete the course and pass the Public Access Test.

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Public Access Test & Certification

Certification is provided after you complete the course and pass the Public Access Test.

You'll be invited to pass the Public Access Test in person at our location in Indianapolis. The price for the initial Public Access Test includes a Medical Mutts Service Dog vest, a digital ID valid for 1 year, and a letter of certification. This step is not mandatory for your dog to be considered a service dog.

To maintain certification, you must pass the Public Access Test annually. After the first one, all subsequent tests can be done virtually at $120.

Disclaimer: This course is not endorsed or approved by Assistance Dogs International. Completing this course will not signify that you are a qualified service dog trainer by Assistance Dogs International.

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Secure your spot in our next group class starting on May  11th at noon EST. Join our waiting list for a transformative journey with your service dog!
"They provide so much material - videos and handouts and power points galore. For every task there is a list of step by step instructions telling you exactly what to do and why you are doing it. And I’m really seeing a difference with Mina - even when we’re not actively working on training, she is in general much more attuned to me and quick to obey".

How to get started?

Does Your Dog Qualify? Before enrolling in our classes, it's important to determine if your dog is a good service dog candidate.

Dog Assessment:

Dogs aged 6 months and older are welcome. Before enrolling, all dogs must pass a temperament and trainability test to assess their service dog potential. Passing the evaluation doesn't guarantee program completion, especially for younger dogs who may face challenges. The assessment costs $120, and our specialists will guide you through it.

If your puppy is too young for assessment and classes, we offer a service dog preparation package. It includes 5 private 1-hour sessions with our trainers until your puppy is ready ($450).

At Medical Mutts, we empower dog owners nationwide through positive reinforcement in our online group classes. 🐾 Train your dog as a specialized service companion for conditions like diabetes, seizures, and psychiatric challenges. Our expert-led classes, accessible nationwide, cultivate a strong bond, boost confidence, and offer essential support materials. Join our community and embark on a transformative journey with your canine companion. 🌟 #ServiceDogTraining #PositiveReinforcement #OnlineClasses #MedicalMutts
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