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Experience the life-changing partnership between a person and their diabetic alert dog. 🐾 This dynamic duo showcases the profound connection that comes with specialized training for diabetes awareness. From detecting glucose levels to providing invaluable support, our diabetic alert dogs redefine companionship. Discover the transformative impact of this powerful alliance. 🌟 #DiabeticAlertDog #LifesaverCompanion #CanineWellness #shelterdog #FromRescuetoServiceDog #MedicalAlertDog #SeizureAlertDog

Diabetic Alert Dogs

Diabetic alert dogs are trained to alert when blood sugar levels change, helping people with Type 1 diabetes. They signal low or high glucose by poking with their nose. Unlike machines that might be ignored, these dogs keep trying until they get a response. They can even wake someone up, call for help, or bring glucose tablets. Get dependable and ongoing blood sugar monitoring with a trained diabetic alert dog.

3 Tailored Options to get the Diabetic Alert Dog you need!

How Service Dogs help with Diabetes ?

Diabetic alert dogs are special companions trained to detect shifts in glucose levels through their keen sense of smell. They're more than just pets – they're helpful partners that can change lives.


These amazing dogs can smell when your glucose levels change and alert you to those shifts. They're trained to do a lot – from getting help or bringing you a drink or glucose tablets, to even pressing a button to call 911 or a family member. But they're not just helpers; they also provide emotional support and an extra sense of security.


Our training methods are backed by science. In fact, our dogs were the first to prove that there's a smell linked to changes in glucose levels. So when you have a diabetic alert dog, you're not just getting a companion – you're getting a smart, reliable friend who can truly make a positive impact on your life.

"Medical Mutts has been amazing to both me and my dog! I searched a lot to find out where to get a service dog trained. Every training place I spoke to said that Medical Mutts was the place to go! Everyone here is wonderful at not only the training aspects but also the reasoning behind it. They make it very easy to understand what and why we are doing certain things. I’ve also been able to reach out about behavior issues I’ve had and how to fix them. They are very willing to help! They want your dog to succeed! I am very grateful for Medical Mutts and I highly recommend them to anyone who is need of a service dog."

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