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Discover the life-changing partnership between an individual and their seizure alert dog. 🐾 Trained to detect oncoming seizures, these remarkable dogs provide invaluable support by alerting their companions in advance. Learn how our seizure alert dogs enhance safety and independence, offering a sense of security and assistance during challenging moments. Explore the transformative impact of this unique bond and the essential role these specially trained dogs play in seizure management. 🌟 #SeizureAlertDog #CanineCompanionship #EpilepsySupport #SeizureDog, #MedicalAlertDog, #ServiceDog #AssistanceDog

Seizure Alert Dogs

Seizure alert dogs are specially trained to detect oncoming seizures, providing vital assistance to individuals with epilepsy. These remarkable dogs smell the subtle changes in a person's body before a seizure strikes. These dogs are persistent and responsive. They don't give up until they've alerted their human partner, potentially preventing dangerous situations. With the ability to even fetch medication or alert a caregiver, a trained seizure alert dog offers consistent support and safety, ensuring a better quality of life for those they assist.

3 Tailored Options to get the Seizure Alert Dog you need!

How Service Dogs help with Epileptic Seizures ?

Discover Seizure Alert Dogs: More Than Pets, They're Lifesavers!

Seizure alert dogs are specially trained companions with an extraordinary sense of smell. Beyond pets, they're partners that can truly change lives.

These incredible dogs sense changes in your body and warn you before a seizure happens. They're trained to assist you in various ways – getting help, bringing you things, even calling 911 or a family member. And they offer not only practical help but also emotional support and security.

Our training is based on solid science. Our dogs were pioneers in proving that there's a specific scent tied to seizures. So having a seizure alert dog isn't just gaining a companion – it's getting a smart, dependable friend that can make a huge positive difference in your life.

Ideal Candidates and Support System

Our ideal candidates for our seizure alert dog program are individuals who experience at least one seizure per month and fewer than 10 seizures a day. It's also important to have a strong support system and we require candidates to have a dedicated person they can live with for the initial weeks or months after receiving their dog. This is crucial as the person with seizures will not be able to assist the dog during an episode, and having a reliable partner can guide the dog in the early stages of their partnership. We believe that this collaborative approach ensures the well-being and success of both the individual and their seizure-alert dog, fostering a strong and supportive bond between them.

Medical Mutts is wonderful. We had such a great experience finding the perfect dog for our daughter. Our Daughter, Moriah needed a seizure alert dog and we were paired with Fina! Moriah was very anxious during the training. Her seizure activity increased because of the stress that she felt trying to bond with Fina and learn the commands. Jennifer and Jack were so patient with her (us) and helped us over every hurdle. We are so happy to say that Fina has been a part of our family for almost 4 years. Moriah and Fina are now the best team and seem to speak their own language. Fina not only alerts us of a seizure, she also comforts Moriah when she is anxious. We feel very blessed to be a part of the Medical Mutts family.

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