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Your Own Dog Trained as Your Service Dog

At Medical Mutts, we offer three distinct programs tailored to meet your unique needs: Board and Train, Private Coaching, and Group Classes. In our Board and Train program, your dog receives expert training while residing with us. For a more personalized approach, our Private Coaching sessions provide one-on-one guidance. If you prefer a collaborative learning environment, our Group Classes offer a supportive community. These programs are particularly beneficial for individuals who already have a qualifying dog or those who desire a specific breed for their service dog. Our dedicated trainers, through each program, impart essential skills, ensuring you and your canine partner not only meet but exceed the standards for service dog certification, all while fostering a strong and effective bond.

Tailored Service Dog Training to Meet Your Needs

No prior training is needed. We'll guide you through all the steps, from basic obedience to task training.

Our training is personalized for your needs, whether it's anxiety management, balance assistance, retrieving objects, glucose level alerts, seizure alerts, and more. We also teach proper public behavior, preparing your dog for different places like restaurants and medical offices. Our training includes exposure to various environments and distractions, ensuring adaptability. After completion, we assess readiness with a public access test.

Positive Reinforcement Approach:

We only use kind and positive ways to train your dog. We don't use any harsh tools like prong collars or shock collars. We focus on making your dog happy and confident, which you can see in their wagging tails and excitement during training.

Flexible Training Duration:

We follow strict guidelines set by the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP) to ensure each dog receives thorough training. Your dog will meet the same high standards as our fully trained service dogs. The duration of training depends on your needs and the program you choose. IAADP suggests at least 120 hours of training over six months, including 30 hours in public settings. Our group classes last a year, while our board and train program can prepare your dog in 8-30 weeks.

How old does your dog need to be:

Dogs aged 1-5 years get the best results from our training program. While you wait to join, try our service dog training preparation package, offered in-person or online. Perfect for young puppies or adolescent dogs, it focuses on socialization, basic obedience, and building a strong behavioral foundation. The program includes 5 one-hour private sessions for $450.

Transitioning to Positive Reinforcement:

For dogs previously trained with coercive methods like prong collars, choke chains, or shock collars, adjusting to our positive reinforcement approach might take longer. We care about your dog's well-being and confidence. Our team is committed to giving them the time and support they need to succeed in their service training. We customize the program to fit your dog's unique needs, helping them learn the necessary skills.

Note: Regular evaluations happen in all three training choices, and certification is given after finishing the program and passing the public access test.

3 Tailored Options to get Your Dog Trained as Your Service Dog 

Medical Mutts provides a service that made it possible for me to afford and receive the necessary professional training so that I can leave the home and navigate life with more confidence and happiness. We would like to share our gratitude and encourage anyone who may be considering working with Medical Mutts to do so. Thank you for your work and for all the dogs and people you have helped 

How to get started?

Let's first make sure your dog has the right temperament to be a service dog

Your journey to train your own service dog begins with a comprehensive assessment by our experienced trainers at Medical Mutts. During this assessment, we'll not only understand your needs but also evaluate your dog's temperament to ensure they're suited for service dog training. Together, we'll explore program options like Board and Train, Private Coaching, and Group Classes, tailored to your requirements. This personalized assessment guarantees that your training experience matches your goals and preferences, fostering a successful partnership with your service dog.

At Medical Mutts, we believe in the power of positive reinforcement. Our unique Board and Train program allows pet owners to transform their dogs into specialized service companions for conditions like diabetes, seizures, and psychiatric challenges. 🐾 With an emphasis on positive reinforcement, our expert trainers cultivate a strong bond between you and your furry friend, creating a reliable partnership. Experience the transformative journey as your beloved pet undergoes specialized training, learning to provide invaluable assistance tailored to your specific health needs. Explore the positive impact of our Board and Train program at Medical Mutts. 🌟 #ServiceDogTraining #PositiveReinforcement #CanineCompanionship #MedicalMutts
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