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Other Service Dogs we provide

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

At Medical Mutts, we specialize in diverse service dogs, tailored to various needs like POTS, migraines, or allergies. We also offer assistance for autism, mobility, and hearing alerts, along with facility dog training. Our mission is to enhance lives, no matter the circumstances.

3 Tailored Options to get the Service Dog you need!

Medical Mutts for sure exceeded my expectations! The train your own dog program allows for incredible flexibility in terms of schedules, possibilities, but it is also an opportunity for someone like me, living in Canada, to have access to their expertise. We worked privately with Mrs. Cattet and I am forever grateful for her help and her considerate approach in regard to my own needs as well as Baruch’s wellbeing. It has made such a significant difference in my daily life. Training was made easy, progressive and fun for me and my dog. Also, a wide variety or resources are provided beyond the great coaching: pdf sheets to track your progress or ensure you are ready for upcoming assessments, academy website access with extra tips, tricks, and materials you will need, videos, books recommendations and so on.
Pricing is fair and if it is a solution you have been thinking about, I think it is worth considering. I am really proud of the work we did together.

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