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Specially trained to assist their son with Down syndrome and autism, this canine companion brings comfort and support to the entire family. Witness the transformative impact of this unique bond as the service dog enhances daily life, fostering independence and creating lasting moments of joy. Explore the story of resilience, love, and the positive influence these specially trained service dogs bring to families facing unique challenges. 🌈 #ServiceDog #FamilySupport #InclusiveCompanionship #AutismServiceDog #PsychiatricServiceDog #Autism #Anxiety

Other Service Dogs we provide

Medical Mutts specializes in offering a comprehensive range of service dogs that cater to a wide spectrum of needs. Beyond supporting individuals with autism, we excel in training dogs to aid those facing medical conditions where scent is a key factor. Whether it's offering light mobility assistance or being a dependable presence in medical facilities, our dogs are trained to adapt and assist. Our dedication is rooted in helping people live fuller lives, regardless of their unique circumstances. Discover how our service dogs can make a meaningful difference for you.

Autism Spectrum

We specialize in training service dogs for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Our trained dogs provide companionship and support to individuals on the autism spectrum, offering a comforting and reliable presence in various situations. These specially trained dogs are attuned to the unique needs of individuals with ASD, helping to improve social interactions, reduce anxiety, and enhance overall well-being.

Specially trained to provide support and companionship, a service dog will become a steadfast ally in navigating the unique challenges of autism. Witness the transformative impact as this four-legged friend offers a sense of security, emotional grounding, and enhances the overall well-being of the family. Discover the power of this extraordinary bond, creating moments of joy, understanding, and fostering a deeper connection. 🌈 #ServiceDog #AutismSupport #FamilyBond #MentalHealth #PTSD #Autism #Anxiety #Depression
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We also specialize in training dogs to offer light mobility assistance. Our skilled dogs are trained to provide gentle support and aid in tasks that require mobility, helping individuals navigate their daily activities more easily. Whether it's offering stability during walking or fetching items, our service dogs are ready to lend a helping paw, promoting independence and enhancing overall quality of life.

Specially trained for balance support, these incredible companions provide essential aid by assisting individuals with stability challenges. Witness the harmonious bond as this canine ally enhances mobility, offering a sense of confidence and independence. Explore the transformative impact of balance assistance dogs, creating moments of stability and fostering a life of increased mobility. 🌟 #BalanceAssistanceDog #MobilitySupport #CanineIndependence #ServiceDog #ServiceDogTraining #MultipleSclerosis
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Medical Alert

Our training expertise extends to a diverse range of medical conditions, including cardiac issues and migraines, as long as there's a scent associated with the condition. Our skilled dogs are trained to detect specific scents, enabling them to provide timely assistance and support. By harnessing their keen sense of smell, our service dogs become invaluable companions, offering aid and comfort to individuals facing various medical challenges.

Specially trained to detect cardiac issues, these remarkable companions provide essential support by alerting to potential heart-related challenges. Witness the unique connection as this canine ally enhances daily life, offering a sense of security and fostering independence. Discover the transformative impact of cardiac alert dogs in managing heart health and creating moments of reassurance. 🌟 #CardiacAlertDog #HeartHealthCompanion #CanineSupport #MedicalAlertDog #ServiceDog
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Our commitment to service extends to professional facilities as well. We offer specially trained dogs that can make a positive impact in settings such as schools, firehouses, funeral homes, and more. These facility dogs are adept at providing comfort, assistance, and a calming presence to those they interact with. Our goal is to enhance the environment and experiences within these spaces through the unique abilities of our trained dogs.

Specially trained to provide comfort and support, facility dogs play a vital role in various settings, including schools and firehouses. Witness the unique bond as this canine companion brings joy and assistance to those in need. Explore the transformative impact of facility dogs, fostering emotional well-being and enhancing the environment in educational and public service settings. 🌟 #FacilityDog #TherapyCompanion #SupportiveCanines #ServiceDog
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3 Tailored Options to get the Service Dog you need!

Discover the Transformative Value of Service Dogs for Diverse Needs

Service dogs bring immeasurable value to individuals facing a range of conditions, offering tailored assistance that significantly improves quality of life. From providing vital medical alerts to offering support in light mobility tasks, these dogs serve as indispensable companions.

For those requiring medical alert assistance, these dogs' acute senses can detect changes in health conditions, such as glucose level shifts or impending seizures. In cases where light mobility support is needed, service dogs lend a helping paw to make daily tasks more manageable, enhancing independence.

Facility service dogs contribute to professional environments, providing comfort and assistance in settings like schools, hospitals, or funeral homes. Their calming presence positively impacts interactions and experiences.

Moreover, for individuals on the autism spectrum, service dogs offer a reliable source of companionship, emotional support, and guidance, promoting improved social interactions and a sense of security.

Medical Mutts for sure exceeded my expectations! The train your own dog program allows for incredible flexibility in terms of schedules, possibilities, but it is also an opportunity for someone like me, living in Canada, to have access to their expertise. We worked privately with Mrs. Cattet and I am forever grateful for her help and her considerate approach in regard to my own needs as well as Baruch’s wellbeing. It has made such a significant difference in my daily life. Training was made easy, progressive and fun for me and my dog. Also, a wide variety or resources are provided beyond the great coaching: pdf sheets to track your progress or ensure you are ready for upcoming assessments, academy website access with extra tips, tricks, and materials you will need, videos, books recommendations and so on.
Pricing is fair and if it is a solution you have been thinking about, I think it is worth considering. I am really proud of the work we did together.

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