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Witness the impact of support as our trained service dogs bring comfort and assistance to those with conditions like diabetes, seizures, and psychiatric challenges. Your generous donation ensures the continued training and placement of these incredible service companions. Join us in making a difference and supporting the transformative journey of individuals and their service dogs at Medical Mutts. 💙 #ServiceDogSupport #DonateNow #MedicalMutts


Donate now to Medical Mutts and be the vital bridge between shelter dogs' second chances and empowering people with disabilities through the life-changing partnership of service dog companionship

Ways to Give

Donate online

Make a direct difference today by donating online to support our mission of turning rescue dogs into skilled service companions, enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities.

donate by mail

To contribute, simply by mail write a check payable to Medical Mutts and send it to our office at 6120 Allisonville Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46220.


Become a sponsor today and play a pivotal role in transforming the lives of both shelter dogs and individuals with disabilities, fostering the incredible journey from rescue to service companionship

wish list

By contributing items from our wishlists, you can help us provide the specialized care and training needed for our shelter dogs as they progress toward becoming invaluable service companions, turning everyday donations into extraordinary impacts

Donate Today!

Thank you to our amazing donors!

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