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Woman with her service dog. Medical Mutts specializes in training diabetic alert dogs, Seizure alert dogs and psychiatric service dogs. Rescue dogs are trained as service dogs.

Medical Mutts Service Dogs

Service Dog Training

Medical Mutts Service Dogs
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Medical Mutts has been a wonderful experience and has changed my life for the better. Dublin, my now fully trained epilepsy service dog, has given me my life back because of Medical Mutts and their wonderful trainers and staff. I highly recommend them to anyone asking for help when needing a service dog!

- Livy C.

Latest News and Success Stories

Dog and lerson on a computer. Unlock your pet's potential with our online classes specializing in training medical alert dogs, including diabetic, seizure, and psychiatric service dogs. 🐾 Live, expert-led sessions for essential commands and life-saving skills. 🌟 Build a lasting bond and embark on a journey towards a more fulfilling life together. 🐶✨ #ServiceDogTraining #AlertDogs #OnlineClasses

Group Classes starting soon

Train your own service dog with our online classes starting May 11th 2024 at 12:00 pm EST. Avoid wait times and extra costs while empowering your canine companion. Our program covers all behaviors and commands you will need, ensuring your dog becomes a reliable service partner. Click below for more details and to enroll now!

Make a Difference

Help provide independence for those living with a disability.

Veteran and his service dog.  Our dedicated service dog, expertly trained to provide life-changing support. From diabetic alerts to seizure response, our canine companions are here to enhance lives. Discover the transformative power of service dogs with us. 🌟 #ServiceDog #Lifesaver #CompanionConnection
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