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Medical Mutts excels in service dog training with our positive reinforcement-based methods. 🌟 Explore our specialized approach designed to foster a strong bond between dogs and owners. Discover how our training methods cater to conditions like diabetes, seizures, and psychiatric challenges. Experience the transformative power of our approach at Medical Mutts. 💙 #TrainingMethods #PositiveReinforcement #ServiceDogs

Our Training Methods Are Positive

Science-Based And Ethical

At Medical Mutts, we're a passionate service dog training group with two main goals: giving abandoned dogs a fresh start and making life better for people facing tough situations. We create a strong, loving connection between dogs and their owners using kind training techniques based on positive reinforcement.

Our Approach: Building Trust and Love

We believe in the power of positive reinforcement to create a strong bond between humans and their service dogs. Our training methods focus on rewards, encouragement, and praise, making sure both dogs and handlers feel supported and nurtured.

Improving Lives: Dogs and People

We know that a well-trained service dog can make a huge difference for people facing challenges. By giving abandoned dogs a meaningful purpose, we help them thrive while providing essential support to individuals in need.

Building a Community: Trust, Care, and Compassion

At Medical Mutts, we're all about building a community based on trust, care, and compassion. Our experienced trainers and staff are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of dogs and people alike. We're here to support you with personalized guidance and expertise every step of the way.

Choosing the Right Dog Training Method: What You Need to Know

The Importance of Picking the Right Trainer

In dog training, not all trainers are the same. The industry lacks a central authority, making it easy for anyone to call themselves a trainer. Unfortunately, this has led to situations where dogs suffer due to unqualified trainers using harsh methods.

At Medical Mutts, we have a different approach. We prioritize your dog's happiness and well-being. We use effective and compassionate methods that build a positive and trusting relationship between you and your service dog.

At Medical Mutts, we believe in using the gentlest and least invasive methods possible when training your service dog. We follow the LIMA principle, which stands for 'Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive Intervention Possible.' This approach, developed by Dr. Susan Friedman, emphasizes using positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors rather than resorting to punishment. We focus on teaching your dog what we want them to do, rather than punishing them for what we don't want. If a trainer ever encounters a situation where they are unsure how to use positive reinforcement, we encourage them to seek guidance and information from those who are experienced in this approach.

Positive reinforcement is at the heart of Medical Mutts' service dog training. 🌟 Our methods cultivate a strong bond between dogs and owners, tailored for conditions like diabetes, seizures, and psychiatric challenges. Experience the transformative power of our approach. 💙 #PositiveReinforcement #ServiceDogTraining #MedicalMutts
Positive Dog Training: Effective and Enjoyable Methods

When it comes to training your dog, not all methods are equal in terms of their impact. Some trainers rely on punishment-based techniques for quick fixes, but these often lead to stress and unwanted behaviors.

Avoid Punishment-Based Training

Punishment-based methods increase stress in dogs and are not effective in the long run. Shock collars, for example, can harm your dog's well-being and trust.

Choose Positive Training for Safety and Fun

At Medical Mutts, we prioritize your dog's safety and happiness. Our scientifically-proven methods use positive reinforcement, not force or fear. Clicker training is one of our powerful tools to build a strong foundation and enhance your bond with your service dog.

The Benefits of Food Rewards

Studies show that food rewards are highly effective for motivating dogs. We'll teach you how to use treats to create a rewarding and enjoyable training experience.

Experience Trust, Communication, and Rewards

Join Medical Mutts for a training approach that focuses on your dog's well-being and happiness. Contact us today to start a rewarding training journey filled with progress and fulfillment.

I had taken my service dog Paeris to a few trainers before Medical Mutts, but she still wasn't fully trained in some aspects. Melissa has been amazing for us both. She has given me a new found confidence with Paeris and the skills necessary to train her in a positive way. Paeris is well on her way to learning new tasks and for the first time in her life, I feel like I am learning the tools to properly train her for lasting effects. Melissa is there for me every step of the way and compassionately guides me in the right direction. 

3 Tailored Options to get the Psychiatric Service Dog you need!


Learn about Service Dog Training with positive reinforcement.

Good Service Dogs are Both Born and Made!

Not every dog is naturally suited for service work, but with the right reward-based training, many can excel in public settings. Jennifer Cattet's book, "Succeeding in Public Access Work," addresses this vital subject. It not only guides you on training to meet Assistance Dogs International's Public Access Test standards but also delves into crucial questions. Learn about the time, effort, and costs involved in service dog acquisition and training. Discover the potential of shelter dogs for service work and understand the relevant laws. Plus, get insights on handling public interactions while working with your service dog.

Explore the comprehensive guide, 'Selecting and Training Your Service Dog' by Jennifer Cattet. 📘 This book provides valuable insights into the process of choosing and training a service dog. Jennifer Cattet, an expert in canine behavior and training, offers practical advice and strategies for individuals seeking assistance with conditions like diabetes, seizures, and psychiatric challenges. Dive into this essential resource for a successful service dog partnership. 🐾 #ServiceDogTraining #JenniferCattet #CanineCompanionship
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