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At Medical Mutts, we understand the unique bond between individuals and their dogs. Our innovative Board and Train program empowers pet owners by training their dogs to become personalized service dogs. 🐾 Whether it's detecting diabetes, seizures, or providing support for psychiatric conditions, our specialized training transforms beloved pets into reliable service companions. Witness the transformative journey as your furry friend undergoes expert training, fostering a deeper connection and enhancing their ability to assist with specific health needs. Explore the possibilities of our Board and Train program at Medical Mutts. 🌟 #ServiceDogTraining #BoardAndTrain #CanineCompanionship #ServiceDog #MedicalMutts #MentalHealth #PTSD #Autism #Anxiety #Depression #PsychiatricServiceDog #SeizureAlertDog #SeizureDog #DiabeticAlertDog #MedicalAlertDog

Let us train your dog as your Service Dog: Boarding and Training Program

Turn your dog into a service dog! Our dog boarding and training program is great if you have a certain breed in mind or want a strong connection with your service dog from the start. No training is required beforehand. Our skilled trainers will teach your dog all the skills needed, from basic commands to special tasks. Customize your program now! 

Your Service Dog's Training Journey: A Timeline of Progress

1 / Get your dog assessed

Before your dog joins our program, we'll assess them to see if they're suitable for service dog training. Based on the assessment, we'll make a custom training plan for your needs. Passing the assessment doesn't guarantee completion because younger dogs might face behavior challenges. If your dog is at least 1 year old and has the right temperament, you can reserve a spot and pick a start date with our trainer. If your puppy isn't old enough yet, ask us about our Service Dog Preparation Program, which includes 5 private sessions for $450.

2 / Your dog stays at our facility and learns to be your service dog

Once your dog arrives at our training facility, we suggest they stay with us for the first couple of weeks to begin their specialized training. If you're nearby, you can visit your dog on weekends or for short breaks. While your dog is with us, you'll get access to our learning platform so you can be involved in their preparation to become your service dog. We'll also create a Facebook page for your dog, where we'll share updates, pictures, and videos of their training progress. This ongoing connection keeps you engaged and informed, strengthening our partnership as we work together to make your dog an outstanding service companion.

3 / You come to Team Training

Once your dog finishes our training program, you'll join us for 10 days of team training at our facility. Here, you'll learn to work together smoothly as a team with your dog, guided by our trainers. After the team training, you'll take the public access test, the last step to getting your ID and certification letter.

4 / You get Continuous support

Once you're back home, we're here to help you along the way. Our trainers are available for support whenever you need it, ensuring you and your dog work together smoothly.

"I have used Medical Mutts for a variety of services. I bought a puppy and went with her to their self-training puppy class. And then I did the board and train with this same puppy since I was traveling a lot at that time and they took great care of her and continued with her training while I was traveling. She is now a little over a year and is a fantastic companion and Service Dog. She can alert to my low blood sugars (I'm a type 1 diabetic) and she can retrieve a bag of glucose tabs for me".

What's the cost?

A faster and more affordable option than getting one of our fully trained service dogs.

Training Fee: $490 per week (average training time is 26-32 weeks). 

Initial Meeting/Assessment: $120

Our package includes:

  • Food

  • Easy Walk harness

  • Service dog vest

  • Treats

Your dog's day comprises training sessions, playtime with other dogs, and public outings.

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Service dog training
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