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Service Dog Training

Diabetes Alert Dog

Seizure Alert Dog
Psychiatric Service Dog

 and more


Our Mission

Medical Mutts is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3)

dedicated to training rescue dogs as service dogs
and promoting collaboration

between dogs and people
through science, education and ethical training.

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Our Services

Fully trained Service Dogs or training your dog as your Service Dog

If you're in need of a service dog, you've come to the right place.

We specialize in training Diabetes Alert Dogs, Seizure Dogs, Psychiatric Service Dogs, 

as well as Service Dogs for other conditions. 


We provide a variety of options to fit your needs, from fully-trained service dogs to training your own dog.

We offer Board & Train services, Private and Online Coaching

as well as Group Classes. 


You'll find a team dedicated to both you and your dog, as we provide expert training,

follow-up support, and compassionate care along the way.


Our methods are science-based and build confidence and motivation to work in the dog.

Program Dogs

Medical Mutts provides Diabetic Alert Dogs, Seizure Alert Dogs, and more...

We specialize in providing the following service dogs

  • Diabetes Alert Dogs

  • Seizures Alert Dogs & Seizure Response Dogs

  • Psychiatric Service Dogs (PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc.

Our dogs come from shelters and rescues and are placed fully trained to help you with your disability.

Board and Train

You provide the dog that we train for you at our facility

Do you have a dog that could be trained as your service dog? We can train your dog for you and teach him/her how to become the service dog that you need. This is a great way to get a service dog while avoiding the waiting time. If you want to pick your own dog and have a specific breed in mind, this might also be a great option for you.


We can train your dog for most disabilities. We do not train guide dogs.

You train your dog

We teach you how to train your own dog through Private Coaching or Group Classes

Train your own dog as your Service Dog, at your own speed with the help of one of our certified trainers. We can teach you how to train your own dog to assist you as your service dog with your particular disability.

We can teach you how to train your dog to help with most disabilities.

Successful Work Team
First Aid


Every penny counts

Be the difference. Your donation can help an abandoned dog find a new lease on life and a person with disabilities
gain autonomy and safety.

Get Involved


Change lives today. 
Our rescue dogs need caring fosters to help them learn house manners, basic training and recover from their trauma.

Our Mission

Helping dogs and people

Training rescue dogs as service dogs and promoting collaboration between dogs and people through science, education and ethical training.

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