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Get your dog trained as your Service Dog

Updated: May 24

Are you or a loved one in need of a service dog but already have a cherished canine companion? Are you seeking a specific breed or a deeper connection with your service dog? If so, our boarding and training program at Medical Mutts is the answer you’ve been looking for. In this blog, we’ll explore the immense value of boarding and training your dog at our facility, where expert trainers will equip your furry friend with the skills to change your life. This option is particularly ideal when time is limited or you lack the ability to train your dog yourself.

The Life-Changing Value of a Service Dog:

Before diving into the details of our program, let’s take a moment to understand just how impactful service dogs can be. Service dogs can assist individuals with a wide range of conditions, including diabetes, seizures, psychiatric conditions, and many more. They are not just pets; they’re lifelines. A service dog can detect when their owner’s blood sugar (diabetic alert dog (DAD)) is dropping or alert them before a seizure strikes (seizure alert dog (SAD)), providing critical moments to take necessary action. For those with psychiatric conditions (psychiatric service dog (PSD)), service dogs offer comfort, emotional support, and a sense of security that is immeasurable.

No Need to Add to Your Household:

One of the remarkable advantages of Medical Mutts boarding and training program is that you don’t have to add a new dog to your household. If you already have a dog, you can turn them into a service dog, preserving your bond while providing essential assistance. This option is also perfect for those who have a specific breed in mind or want to be intimately involved in their service dog’s development.

Personalized Service Dog Training:

Our experienced trainers at Medical Mutts will guide and educate your dog every step of the way. Your canine companion will learn everything from mastering basic obedience behaviors to performing specialized tasks tailored to your unique needs. Whether you require help with balance, object retrieval, anxiety management, glucose level alerts, or seizure alerts and responses, our comprehensive program will equip your dog to meet these vital needs.

Positive Reinforcement and Welfare:

We take pride in employing modern, science-based training methods that focus on positive reinforcement. No prong collars, choke chains, or shock collars are used in our program. We prioritize your service dog’s welfare and comfort, fostering their confidence and enthusiasm for their work. At Medical Mutts, our goal is to create a learning environment that promotes confidence, trust, and problem-solving in your dog. We never force dogs to behave; we encourage them to take initiative and act when their assistance is needed.

Ideal Age and Program Options:

To ensure the best chance of success, we recommend enrolling your dog in our board and train program between the ages of 1 and 5 years old. They will be trained to the same high standards as our fully trained service dogs, with thorough assessments along the way. Certification will be awarded upon completing the program and passing the rigorous public access test.

Real-Life Testimony:

Let’s hear from a satisfied client: “Our journey has taken well to Medical Mutts’ positive training methods, and, although not perfect at her alerting skills (no dog is ever perfect), it gives me peace of mind to know that my wife has a backup for her Continuous Glucose Monitor. The world of Service Dog training has its charlatans and scammers, and it’s so gratifying that we found and were able to use the REAL thing — Medical Mutts delivered on its promises, and by helping us appropriately train our DAD, we feel more relaxed about managing the challenges of Type 1 diabetes.”

In conclusion, our boarding and training program at Medical Mutts is a gateway to transforming your beloved companion into a service dog that can change your life. For detailed information and to explore how our program can benefit you, visit our website. Your journey to a more independent and fulfilling life with your service dog starts here.


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