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Empathy in action. 🐾 Meet our incredible psychiatric service dog offering unwavering support and companionship to their person. Together, they navigate life's challenges, fostering strength and resilience. 🌈 Witness the profound connection that transforms each day into a triumph. #PsychiatricServiceDog #CompanionForLife #StrengthInUnity

Our Service Dogs

At Medical Mutts, we pride ourselves on being unique among service dog organizations. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to rescuing dogs and giving them a chance to become life-changing service dogs. But that's not all; we're also recognized as world experts in medical detection and have pioneered groundbreaking training methods that empower our dogs to assist with conditions such as diabetes, seizures, and psychiatric challenges. How do we do that? All of our dogs are scent trained to recognize a change in their person's physiology. 

Specialized Medical Alert Dogs

Medical Mutts is known globally for training dogs to detect changes in the smell of people. Our focus is on diabetic alert, seizure alert, and psychiatric alert service dogs, redefining what it means to have a service dog companion that can help predict and manage those conditions. Unlike many organizations, we rescue our candidates from shelters, prioritizing exceptional qualities that make outstanding service dogs. Led by renowned trainer Dr. Jennifer Cattet, our dogs undergo effective, science-based training, contributing to groundbreaking research in medical detection.

Our approach centers on kindness and ethical training, avoiding harmful tools while building confidence and trust. We tailor placements to unique needs, ensuring ideal matches between clients and their service dogs based on compatibility. While we're based in Indianapolis, our nationwide service dog placements include personalized training during a 10-day team training at our facility.

Committed to ongoing support, we ensure a smooth journey beyond the initial placement. Experience the unique Medical Mutts difference and start a life-changing journey with a rescued service dog. Contact us today for an extraordinary adventure of empowerment, independence, and unconditional love.

At Medical Mutts, we are committed to ensuring a successful partnership between you and your service dog. If, within the first few months, the initial match proves challenging, we guarantee our dedication to working with you to find the most suitable replacement dog for your unique needs.

What Service Dog Do You Need?

"My daughter is a Type I diabetic and she was fortunate to receive a Medically Mutts trained service dog. Liberty (Libby) was more than a blood sugar alert dog - she served as her best friend and chief comforter during her first year in college - giving her confidence in managing her blood sugars and constant love and companionship".

Your Path to a Medical Mutts Service Dog

Exploring Our Process and Your Path to a Life-Changing Companion

Click the link below to embark on a guided tour of the steps that lead to a powerful partnership. Our service dog journey is filled with compassion, training, and dedication to match you with the perfect companion. Find out how we can transform your life.

Learn about the unbreakable bond between a person and their diabetic alert dog. 🐾 Our skilled service dogs are trained to detect changes in blood sugar levels, providing invaluable support and peace of mind. Discover the empowering journey of living confidently with a loyal diabetic alert dog by your side. 🌟 Embrace independence and security with our specialized training program. #DiabeticAlertDog #ServiceDogCompanion #EmpowermentThroughConnection #ServiceDog #seizureAlertDog #AssistanceDog #PsychiatricServiceDog
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