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Empower and Transform: The Mutt Mentor Experience

Guiding Paws, Changing Lives

Welcome to the Mutt Mentor Program, where your passion for dogs meets a transformative mission! As a Mutt Mentor, you play a pivotal role in the initial training journey of our service dog candidates. By opening your home to these aspiring companions, you create an environment where they can thrive and unveil their true potential as service dogs.

Program Overview:

Our Mutt Mentors take on the rewarding responsibility of fostering and training service dog candidates. No previous training experience is required; our expert trainers will guide you through the process, teaching you everything you need to know to train like a pro. As a Mutt Mentor, you will be an integral part of our mission, ensuring that our service dog candidates are well-suited for their important role. You'll jumpstart their training, helping them learn essential obedience behaviors while acclimating to a home environment. This hands-on experience not only benefits the dogs but also empowers you to make a lasting impact on their journey towards becoming exceptional service companions.

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Transforming Paws, Enriching Lives: Become a Mutt Mentor Today


  • A willingness to open your home to a service dog candidate.

  • No prior training experience necessary – our expert trainers will provide comprehensive guidance.

  • Dedication to the training process and the well-being of the dog in your care.

  • Commitment to play a crucial role in assessing the suitability of the service dog candidate for their future role.

  • Willingness to jumpstart their training, teaching them essential obedience behaviors in a home environment.

  • Allowed to have dogs in the house/apartment

  • All household members on board with fostering

  • Some dog experience using positive reinforcement

  • Physically capable of handling larger dogs

  • Calm household

  • Attendance at an orientation at Medical Mutts

  • Separate area for the foster dog (especially for quarantine dogs)

  • A fenced yard is a plus but not required; a suitable area for walking, pottying, and playing is necessary

  • Willingness to sign a liability waiver and foster agreement

  • Disclosure of diabetes, anxiety, or seizures (does not disqualify you as a foster, as our dogs are trained for these disabilities).

Join our Mutt Mentor Program today and be a part of something extraordinary. Seize the opportunity to leave an indelible mark on the journey of these aspiring service dogs as they take their first steps towards becoming compassionate and skilled companions.


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