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Get Involved: Foster a Dog

Enriching Lives, One Paw at a Time

Welcome to a world of compassion and canine camaraderie! At Medical Mutts, we invite you to be a crucial part of our mission by fostering a service dog prospect or career change dog. As a dog enthusiast, you have the incredible opportunity to open your heart and home to dogs in transition. These remarkable companions, sourced from rescues and shelters, need your support during pivotal moments in their journey—whether it's the initial transition from a rescue or a well-deserved break during their training. Join us in creating a nurturing haven for these dogs, and discover the joy of making a tangible difference in their lives. Explore our foster program and be a part of the transformative experience that defines the bond between humans and dogs.

Enriching Lives, One Paw at a Time

If you're a dog lover eager to make a positive impact, our foster program is a fantastic opportunity to deepen your understanding of dogs while actively contributing to their well-being. Dogs transitioning out of our Service Dog Training Program require foster homes to continue their journey, offering them a reprieve from the facility environment and a chance to experience comfort and companionship.

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Empower with Love: Become a Foster for Our Service Dogs in Training or Career Change Dogs

All our dogs come from rescues and shelters, and at various stages of our training process, they benefit from time spent in caring homes:

  1. Initial Transition: When dogs first leave the rescue or shelter, they undergo significant stress and need time to recover. Your support during this crucial period helps the dog recover from the trauma of being separated from their family. You will also help us gather valuable information about the dogs, ensuring they are suitable candidates for our service dog training program.

  2. Ongoing Training Breaks: Throughout the months of training, our dogs occasionally need a break. You can make a difference by taking a dog home for a weekend or holiday, providing much-needed rest and relaxation. We do our best to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the dogs, but we can't replace the warmth and soothing feel of a home environment 

  3. Finding Forever Homes: Some dogs may not complete the program and require a loving home. While awaiting adoption, they are much more comfortable in a home environment rather than in a kennel. You will also free up a kennel, allowing us to bring in a new service dog candidate and save another life.

Requirements for fostering are minimal but essential:

  • Allowed to have dogs in the house/apartment

  • All household members on board with fostering

  • Some dog experience using positive reinforcement

  • Physically capable of handling larger dogs

  • Calm household

  • Attendance at an orientation at Medical Mutts

  • Separate area for the foster dog (especially for quarantine dogs)

  • A fenced yard is a plus but not required; a suitable area for walking, pottying, and playing is necessary

  • Willingness to sign a liability waiver and foster agreement

  • Disclosure of diabetes, anxiety, or seizures (does not disqualify you as a foster, as our dogs are trained for these disabilities).

Foster a service dog in training today and provide a safe, inviting space for these remarkable companions. Your commitment will make a lasting impact on their journey toward becoming service dogs or finding a forever home."

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