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Senior Management

Who we are

Jennifer Cattet Ph.D.


Jennifer, along with her husband Jack Topham, has founded Medical Mutts with two goals in mind: helping those who need service dogs and helping dogs that have been abandoned.


Jennifer has a Doctorate in Animal Behavior (Ethology). She completed her studies at the Faculty of Psychology in Geneva Switzerland. She has worked professionally as a dog trainer and behaviorist since 1988.

Jennifer started the first professional dog training school based on clicker training in France (Animalin) and continues to speak at conferences on service dogs in Europe. She is the co-author of an award-winning book on dog behavior (in French) and the producer/director of a DVD on clicker training (in French).


With her scientific background, she contributes to ongoing research in the field of medical detection (Diabetes, Seizures, Cancer). Given her expertize in the field, as well as her fluency in both English and French, Jennifer also coaches service dog organizations and trainers in Europe about service dog training for Diabetes and Seizures.


AKC approved CGC evaluator.

Jack Topham

Vice president/Customer Support

Jack is often the first person you'll get to talk to when you call the office. He'll take the time to listen and understand your needs and will go over our different programs so you can make the best decision. If we can't help you, he'll try to direct you to the right source and provide you with all the information you need about service dogs in general.

Jack is in charge of customer support and services. He is also responsible for keeping the staff up to date with the latest research and available training techniques, maintaining social media accounts and looking for and posting inspirational and informative stories about service dogs. If you follow us on our Facebook page, you'll see regular postings about service dog stories, changes in the laws, training information, and more, that Jack has found for us.

Jack is also responsible for staff management and supply purchasing. 

He has been involved in service dog training for close to 8 years and is always looking for new ways to help both the people and the dogs.

Eva Rudisile CPDT-KA

Director of Client Services/Operations Manager

Eva puts her heart and energy into helping our clients with their service dog. She truly cares about the success of the partnership and applies her knowledge and skills in the coaching and support of our clients.

In addition to being a certified dog trainer, Eva is also a board-certified Music Therapist with a focus in Neurologic Music Therapy, NICU and general pediatrics. She also facilitates healing through rhythms and clinical hypnosis. 

Eva is a passionate dog lover and has taken her personal dog Nico trough the CGC and Therapy dog certification. She has joined Indy Disk Dog, Agility and Nosework. She is also training her dog Nico with Midwest Search Dogs

Eva is SARTEC 2 & 3 certified as well as CPR/first Aid for humans and pets.

As a therapist as well as a dog trainer, she understands the importance of clear communication between human and dogs. 

Melissa Morris CPDT-KA

Director of Training

Melissa has a challenging mission to supervise the training of all of our dogs. She makes sure the trainers are up to date with the latest training techniques, maintains our standards of training, and provides guidance and support when needed.

Melissa has an extensive background in animal training. She has learned and worked for some of the most accomplished trainers in the world.

Under Dr. Sophia Yin, she worked with both cats and dogs, in training, low stress management and teaching.

Melissa also comes with years of experience working in shelters and laboratories. She is an expert in assessing cats and dogs, developing and implementing behavior modification protocols and teaching owners how to better interact with their animal.

Melissa has devoted her career to making a difference in the life of animals and those who love them.

AKC approved CGC evaluator.

Melissa is certified CPR and First Aid