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Jessie and Wyatt, her Diabetes Alert Dog - Jessica Minnix

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

The universe really is a crazy blur. It’s chaotic, messy, and complicated. I do know one thing though. Everything happens for a reason.

My service dog Wyatt and I were meant to be.

We were both magnets being drawn together. We got closer and closer, so when we met, we stuck. Medical Mutts, the company that trained Wyatt got him from a shelter. So in a way, we all saved Wyatt’s life, and he returns the favor to me every day.

Taking him with me wherever I go can be stressful at times because dogs will be dogs. He isn’t just a robot that does what I say at the snap of my fingers. Sometimes he doesn’t do what I say and it’s frustrating! I just want to give up. It’s not a dream come true to have a dog with you 24/7.

It is tiring and hard on me. It took so many different turns with my life and it was nothing like I would have expected it to be. So a heads up for anybody out there that thinks it will be easy. I can’t tell you how wrong you are. It takes patience and practice with my goofy mutt, but at the end of the day, it’s one hundred percent worth it.

He is also there for me emotionally. Dogs can sense sadness and I think that is one of Wyatt’s top skills. We all have bad days where we just want to cuddle up on a soft pillow and go to sleep or cry. Wyatt is basically my pillow in many different ways because he supports me as well. I’m a hard sleeper at times, and Wyatt nudges me with his nose when my blood sugar drops, so some of the time I don’t wake up. Wyatt will then start whining and barking at me, and that always works, trust me.

I’ve had diabetes since I was three years old and when I go low and I’m asleep, I have seizures. Since I’ve had Wyatt, my blood sugar has had its ups and downs but most of the time it was my fault for not taking good care of myself, but Wyatt would always pick me back up and put me on the right track.

He has saved me from having more seizures than I can count in the three years since he’s been a part of my family. He is truly my life savior.

Seeing Wyatt do good things makes me happy. When I reward him with treats, it’s my reward to see him get so excited. Wyatt’s love for me is through the roof, and I’ve never had a dog come close to Wyatt and how much he cares about me and my family. He does so much for me and, of course, he doesn’t realize it because he’s a dog, but he is truly a blessing from God himself.


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