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Our Staff

Cara Lanciotti

Rescue Coordinator

Cara's mission is to find all the wonderful dogs that we can train as service dogs. She's in touch with the different rescues in the area and is always keeping her eye out for the right dog.
Cara has been involved in the training of service dogs for over 10 years. She believes that positive reinforcement methods are not only the most effective methods for working dogs but also the only humane and proven approach.

She has a heart for the dogs who find themselves in rescues and shelters to no fault of their own and spends hours visiting the local shelters and rescues, looking for dogs that might get a new lease on life through our program.

Ellen Green


Ellen has a Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences from Purdue University. In addition to dogs, she has worked with laboratory animals as well as horses. She has valuable experience working in research and data collection.

Her interest in behavior goes beyond her work with animals and Ellen has also demonstrated her communication skills in her work with adults with cognitive challenges and intellectual disabilities. 

Ellen is certified CPR and First Aid

Michelle Shanklin


Michelle has a true love for the dogs. She started with Medical Mutts as an intern. Motivated by a strong desire to learn how to better understand dogs and train them to be Service Dogs, Michelle has dedicated her time in developing her skills to become a dog trainer and providing a better life to the dogs she works with.

She enjoys taking the dogs home and socializing them in many different places, to get them used to grocery shopping, going out to eat, and visiting the doctor's office. 

Michelle graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Psychology. 

Michelle is certified CPR and First Aid

Shannon Cattet


Shannon has been a trainer for Medical Mutts since the beginning and has been around service dogs for over 10 years. Her dedication and passion for animals shines through in her dogs. Animals have always been a part of her family and work life including dogs, cats, horses, and birds. She is the daughter of Jennifer Cattet PhD and hopes to follow in her footsteps of positively influencing the pet and service dog world. 



Shannon is certified CPR and first aid for both humans and dogs. 

Lindsay Vest


Lindsay started as an intern after discovering Medical Mutts while looking for her father's combat PTSD. She has since grown to be a resourceful service dog trainer.

Using her crafting skills, and over 10 years of various performing arts, Lindsay is dedicated to the responsibility of providing happiness through enrichment. She finds games and activities for the dogs so they don't get bored or stressed in their kennels.  

Lindsay is certified CPR and First Aid for humans and dogs. Her favorite dog is ...a senior dog!

Jacob Brant

Kennel Assistant

Jacob has a difficult task to make sure the kennel stays clean and organized. He started as an intern and quickly proved to be a hard worker and caring person to the dogs.