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Board & Train

We train your dog

You don't have the time and desire to train your dog yourself? No problem, we'll be happy to take your dog into our facility and do it for you.

Private coaching

In-person and online

You like to learn at your own pace and have specific needs? You would love to learn how to train your dog but live too far to drive to our facility? Schedule in person or Skype sessions with one of our certified trainers

Group Classes


You love the idea of training your dog yourself along with the benefits of joining a group of people with the same goals that you have? This is a great opportunity to learn while exposing your dog to other dogs and people.

How to train your dog as

your service dog?

Different options for different needs

Do you already have a dog that has the right qualities to be a service dog? Are you wanting to purchase or adopt your own dog? Do you have a dog that already helps you but you need to formalize his/her training so he/she can be your service dog?  Do you already have a service dog but are dealing with behavior issues or want to teach him/her new skills? We can help you.

Depending on your budget, your availability and how far you live, we offer 4 different programs: Board & Train, in-person private coaching, online training, and group classes.

Our training methods are based on modern, science-based methods to teach your dog all the skills that he/she needs to become a service dog. We teach an average of 30 different behaviors, from basic obedience like "Sit", "Down", "Stand", "Heel", "Come", to more advanced behaviors like "Brace", "Poke", "Get", "Find help", "Block", etc. We are experienced in training dogs for a wide variety of disabilities.

What makes us different?
Our expertise and our methods

With a doctorate in animal behavior from Geneva University in Switzerland and over 30 years of hands-on experience in working professionally with dogs, Jennifer Cattet, Ph.D., is a renowned trainer in both the US and Europe. Based on her expertise in dog behavior, our training program has been developed to help your dog build the confidence needed to perform at optimal levels, and learn the skills to go out in public as well as those that will help you with your specific needs.


Our force-free methods will facilitate your communication with your dog and strengthen your relationship. We guarantee that our methods are ethical and kind to the dog. You will never find a choke chain, a prong collar or a shock collar at our facility. We apply the most effective training techniques through positive reinforcement and stay away from unnecessary and harmful training aids.


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