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Can your dog be a service dog?

The right temperament is key

What do we look for?

Friendliness, confidence, trainability

Before starting any service dog training program, the first step is to make sure that your dog has the right temperament to be a service dog. 

- How does your dog react to strangers? Does you dog want to greet everyone or is he/she a little timid and needs time to warm up to new people? How would your dog react if a toddler came running towards him/her?
- How does your dog react when seeing another dog? Does your dog get agitated, pull on the leash and bark? Does your dog try to engage the other dog in play or simply ignore the other dog?
- How does your dog react when hearing a loud noise? Does he/she run away? When he/she startled does your dog quickly recover and investigates the source of the sound?
- How would your dog handle going into a busy mall?
- How much effort is your dog willing to make to get a small treat?

All of these questions will be important to assess how easily your dog can be trained and if your dog is safe enough to take out in public and still be able to focus on you. Some dogs are ready to jump right in, others may need a little extra help, and some would just be too overwhelmed to make a good service dog.


Although we will do our best to help you succeed and would love to have your business if your dog does not pass the assessment, we will not be able to accept your dog into our service dog training program. 

Assessing your dog

In-person or online from anywhere you live

The assessment is done at Petsmart at W86th on the NW side of Indianapolis, IN, during business hours only. If you can't meet us in person, you'll need to send us videos of your dog at your local pet store and schedule the consultation and review of your videos by Skype.

It's best if you can have another person film you and your dog. We'll want to see your dog's reactions to the following situations:

- Walking through the parking lot towards the store;

- 1-minute walking through the store;

- A cart passing by;

- Meeting a strange dog;

- Meeting different people (strangers of different ages and of both sexes);

- Presented a treat tout of reach. Place a treat on the floor and cover it with your hand so the dog can't get to it. We'll want to see how hard the dog is willing to work to get to it;

- Reaction and recovery time to a sudden loud noise (like the drop of a clipboard).

Assessing your dog's potential and your needs

Testing gives us an idea of your dogs' potential to be trained as your service dog

The assessment provides an estimation of what your dog's chances are of becoming a service dog. Passing the evaluation does not guarantee that your dog will make it all the way through the program as problem behaviors can always develop along the way, especially with younger dogs. Certain behaviors may increase or decrease with time, training and exposure to different stimuli.

The cost for the initial consultation/assessment is $90

At the time of the assessment, we'll also discuss your training needs. If your dog passes the assessment and has the right temperament to be a service dog, we'll and determine which training service will best fit your situation and discuss a program that fits your needs. 


We offer different training service for your dog as your service dog. You'll find a full description of each service and pricing by clicking on the buttons below.


Find a training program
that fits your needs
Different options for different people
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Board & Train

We train your dog

You don't have the time and desire to train your dog yourself? No problem, we'll be happy to take your dog into our facility and do it for you.

Private coaching

In-person and online

You like to learn at your own pace and have specific needs? You would love to learn how to train your dog but live too far to drive to our facility? Schedule in-person or Skype sessions with one of our certified trainers

Group Classes


You're on a budget or you love the idea of training your dog yourself? This is a great opportunity to learn while exposing your dog to other dogs and people.